Directorate General of Press and Information (DGPI) endeavours to develop local, regional and nationwide media as well as to promote the image of our country abroad by providing accurate, neutral and punctual information to foreign public. Undergoing a restructuring process required by the massive transformation in mass communications and its future oriented traditions, DGPI is one of the leading institutions of our nation.


Various nations in the Ottoman Empire began to publish newspapers during the first quarter of the 19th Century. Following the appearance of newspapers in Turkish and Turkish publishers, the Office of the Grand Vizier realised the potential power of the press and ordered the publication of an official journal. The rapidly increasing number of newspapers necessiated the establishment of a regulatory body in this field.

To this end, a Directorate of Press was established in 1862 as an affiliate of the Ministry of Education and the by-laws issued in 1864 specified the tasks of the Directorate. During the War of Independence, while the Directorate of Press continued its presence in ─░stanbul, it became imperative to form a new agency in Ankara within the framework of the Turkish Grand National Assembly that was opened on April 23, 1920. Therefore, a Directorate General of Press and Intelligence was founded on June 7, 1920 in line with the Law No. 6. The Directorate General continued functioning under various names and different ministries during the Republican Era. Finally, it was reorganised as the Directorate General of Press and Information (DGPI) on June 18, 1984 in line with the Decree No. 231 and became affiliated with the Office of the Prime Minister.


DGPI is organised in a tripartite structure for optimum performance in fulfilling its tasks designated by the Decree No. 231. This structure consists of Main Office in Ankara, provincial organisation comprising 17 provincial press directorates in Turkey and the overseas organisation including 39 press office.


  • Accreditation of the Foreign Press: Foreign journalists working in Turkey should apply to DGPI for accreditation. DGPI concluded the accreditation procedure of 295 members of the foreign media from 40 countries in 2011.
  • Local and Regional Media Gatherings: DGPI arranges various meetings in different regions of the country with a view to strengthening the local media.
  • Seminars for local media: DGPI organises seminars for local media throughout the country. In these seminars, the DGPI staff informs the local media professionals on the amendments in related laws and legal arrangements, latest developments in the media, and DGPI activities.
  • Vocational trips for local media: DGPI arranges vocational trips for members of the regional and local media to allow them share their experiences and exchange views with their counterparts living in different regions of Turkey.
  • The Media Monitoring Centre: allows DGPI to monitor the foreign media 24 hours a day and in 21 languages, including English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Armenian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Danish, Farsi, Georgian, Croatian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Macedonian, Romanian, Serbian and Greek.
  • DGPI has made a close cooperation both with Turkish and foreign press members within the framework of its duty and responsibilities and played an influential role in providing information flow among the countries. In addition to this, DGPI has arranged various media forums in the recent years.
  • These forums aimed at creating opportunities to establish sound and productive partnerships between the region countries' members of media. In these forums, such topics as the state of media sector in the region and how bilateral and regional relations as well as cultural cooperation can contribute to a climate of lasting peace and stability are discussed in detail by the journalists, academicians and opinion-leaders.
  • Some of these forums are;
    • The Media Forum of Turkish Speaking Countries and Communities-1
    • The Media Forum of Turkish Speaking Countries and Communities-2
    • Balkan States Media Forum
    • Turkish-Arab Media Forum
    • Turkey-Africa Media Forum
    • International Symposium on Women and Media
    • European Media Gatherings